SYDNEY HAYDUK is a gender-fluid, neurodiverse, renaissance person with an extensive theatrical background.

From Writer, to Performance Artist, to Producer, to Stage Manager, to Art and Expressive Arts Therapist; Coming from Winnipeg’s cold climate, they never could quite standstill. 

Sydney holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre and Film from the University of Winnipeg and holds a Master’s level Diploma in Art and Expressive Art Therapies. They are currently taking clients as a Professional Art Therapist, with the Canadian Art Therapist Association as well as an Expressive Art Therapist with the Ontario Expressive Arts Association. 

Sydney is open and enthusiastic about meeting clients to address and support any conflicts or personal concerns. With a focus on movement as regulation and mindfulness, their therapeutic approach offers a grounding perspective on wellness and healing.

Sydney’s work is unique in that she creates work as a form of therapy with the intention of seeking a deeper connection with their audiences.

They currently reside in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.